The Courtyard Gdynia Waterfront - Poland

The Courtyard Gdynia Waterfront - Poland

For elegance in Gdynia, Poland, this seaside hotel can’t be beat

Looking for relaxation and fun on the edge of the Baltic Sea? Go no further than the Courtyard Gdynia Waterfront Hotel, located in the north of Poland at ul. Jerzego Waszyngtona 19 Gdynia. A charming seaside town, bursting with local culture and fun events for old and young, this charming hotel overlooks the wild Baltic Sea and is only steps from the bustling beach, entertainment, and business districts.

How to ‘Wai’ as a Visitor in Thailand


First, we need to consider what the ‘Wai’ is. The reality is that it is a standard method of greeting people in Thailand. It dates back to the 12th century and is done by raising both hands clasped together in front of you. 
In times long ago this was done to show you were holding no weapon, which is, strangely enough, the reason why foreigners shake hands. Let us now look at when, how and with which people we should ‘Wai’.

To start with, the height of your hands in relation to your head displays how much respect you are showing to the person.

Reasons why you should have wedding in Dominican Republic

reasons to get

Wedding is special and every individual wishes to make it perfect in all ways. If you are planning for a dream wedding, Dominican Republic makes an excellent choice. The Dominican Republic is a fantastic location for hosting your wedding where warm weather, the sun never fades away and most importantly never goes out of style. There are many popular wedding planners available in this part of the world who will make your day special in all ways.

Plan a perfect vacation in Istanbul

Plan a perfect vacation in Istanbul

Planning a vacation with your family but short of ideas? Don't know where to go for your family vacation this year? How about planning a perfect holiday in Istanbul? Not many individuals know that Istanbul is a popular tourist destination; there are many popular places to visit in this part of the world. There are many specialties of this place; it is the only city built on two separate continents. For years it had been coveted by powerful and strong empires.


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