Take a Bethlehem tour to explore that beautiful city

Take a Bethlehem tour to explore that beautiful city

It is often said that travelling is like food for your soul - it keeps you nourished, fulfilled, and happy.  Whether you are traveling for luxury and relaxation, taking time out with the family, want to explore new areas of the world, take a solo trip, or simply go on a religious pilgrimage, there are many places all around the world that offer beautiful travel experiences. Israel and Palestine are such destination that are not often on the top of people’s travel lists, but really should be. It has several untapped and unexplored areas in the country and every corner can offer you a diverse experience. This is true as you can easily explore not just modern life but also fulfil your religious journey.

If you are looking forward to a spiritual and religious revelation, a tour to Bethlehem is a must for tourists, especially if you want to know more about the Christian faith. Bethlehem offers a beautiful mix of ancient and contemporary history and is one of the most visited Christian pilgrimage attractions. Founded in1400 BCE, it is considered as the place where Jesus Christ was born and has over 20 churches, chapels, and monasteries. Such a trip will allow you to indulge in complete rejuvenation and contentment of the mind, body, and soul.

Whether you want to explore your religious curiosities or want to understand the historical and cultural significance of the city, Bethlehem is the perfect destination for visitors to learn, understand, and analyse Christian history, religion, and heritage. Visit holy and special places such as the Church of Nativity, Rachel’s Tomb, Church of Saint Catherine, Milk Grotto Church, Shepherds’ field, Manger Square, and more, all of which hold significant history. Apart from religious tours, you can also experience the beauty and diversity the city offers with several trekking trails, pools, monuments, and even Banksy’s political art which includes the Walled-Off Hotel, that will definitely astonish you with its beauty and serenity.

The best way to travel around Bethlehem, especially if you want to take in all the religious spots, is by finding a tour company that offers, half day, full day, or longer tour packages. Bethlehem tours are a must for excursions as such a package can offer a comprehensive visit to all the best places, along with transportation, local guides, and will also help you keep the local law and regulations in check.