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84RV Rentals and Services

84RV Rentals and Services offers various RV models for long term and short term renting, from their NJ location to people all over NY, NJ, PA and CT. they take care of all your vacation renting needs and provide motorhomes, travel trailers and campers for renting.

Whether you want to rent a motorhome for just the weekend, or want to take it across the country, 84RV Rentals and Services offers free parking for your personal car at their offices, so pick up and drop off is easier. And you can drop off your RV even if your trip end on a Sunday!

1st Choice RV

1st Choice RV offers a wide variety of company-owned Motorhomes, RVs, Travel Trailers, and Toy Haulers for renting in Los Angeles, Southern California, Riverside, Orange County CA and San Diego Counties.

All of vehicles are the newest models in their class and come in extremely good condition, with low mileage. All the RVs and Motorhomes are methodically maintained, serviced and exhaustively cleaned after each rental to best quality and experience to their customers.

Expedition Motor Homes

Expedition Motor Homes is “dedicated to world-class customer service and support in the rental of motor homes” and is located in Southern California. They deal with privately owned luxury RVs and motorhomes, and they have everything from 40’ Diesel Pushers to 22’ Class C Motorhomes.

The company aims to maintain their vehicles in the best way possible, giving it thorough cleaning and maintenance after each rental. This helps in keep the fleet in a new condition and tip-top shape.

Nashville RV

Nashville RV is a premium RV rental company that provides hand selected RV and motorhomes in Nashville, TN. All their RV Rental vehicles have been upgraded with comfortable and luxurious facilities that will help enhance the quality of the trip, and they are kept spotlessly clean for every new renter.

Whether you want to travel within the state of Tennessee or want to go across the country, their diverse collection of motorhomes and travel trailers will fit everyone’s needs.

Pleasure Land RV Center

Pleasure Land RV Center offers freedom, flexibility and fun when it comes to taking you RV trip, and has a number of vehicle and accessory options to make your trip more than memorable. All their RVs and Motorhomes are updates models with good mileage, affordable rates, and no hidden costs at the end of your trip.

River City Recreation World

River City Recreation World has a number of quality and fully equipped Motorhomes or Travel Trailers for renting, which put together everyday modern comforts with the ultimate freedom of travel! Smart travelers know that renting an RV provides a great family value. Whether you are going on a vacation, across the country, or just a weekend trip, they have a selection of vehicles to meet your needs.

Access RV

Access RV provides quality, fairness and value to their customers with their range of luxury RVs and Motorhomes. They have a high guest satisfaction with 97% customers saying they will rent from them again! In service for over 20 years, the company also has a the lowest breakdown rate.

All their vehicles are very well equipped and come with a list of accessories and gadgets, very essential for your road trip. You can also additional buy utilities that may be needed for specific purposes.

El Monte RV Rentals

El Monte RV Rentals


El Monte RV pride themselves for being one of the largest and best RV rental company anywhere, El Monte RV have a lot of knowledge and experience working with both RVers and RVs. Their considerable knowledge has made it possible for them to put together a selection of well-liked adventures and activities their clients and their motorhomes have participated in. Make your trip in one of their RVs the vacation of a lifetime for you and your family!

The Best RV Rental Company

Going across the country has become easy with the constant availability of flights, trains and busses. But if you want to make an adventure out of your next trip out of the city, then renting an RV can be pretty exciting!

Renting an RV is a good idea, especially if you are looking forward to travelling with your whole family or a group of people. Instead of hushed conversations in a flight, an RV will provide the privacy and comfort of chatting, laughing and enjoying as loudly as you want. It also allows for an easier journey in terms of flexibility and convenience.

Your RV Rental Options

your rv rental options

RV Rental Options

Would you like to travel by RV? If you would, you are not alone. Motor homes are increasing in popularity and they are no longer reserved for the retired. Traveling by RV is a great way to reduce travel expenses, as well as spend quality time with close friends and family members. For that reason, there is a good chance that you may be interested in planning an extended RV trip.

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