Pleasure Land RV Center

Pleasure Land RV Center offers freedom, flexibility and fun when it comes to taking you RV trip, and has a number of vehicle and accessory options to make your trip more than memorable. All their RVs and Motorhomes are updates models with good mileage, affordable rates, and no hidden costs at the end of your trip.

Their Type A Motorhomes have been completely built on a specifically designed motor vehicle chassis. They have many home-like amenities that making living in the RV much simpler, and users will have centrally controlled heating and air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment centers.

On the other hand, Pleasure Land RV Center’s Type C Motorhomes have been created on an automotive van frame that has a wider body section fitted onto the original cab section. They have most amenities that are necessary and even have extra space over the cab, which can be used as an optional sleeping area.

They have the following rental options available:

Class A Motorhome –

Class A - 31' Motorhome  

Class A - 32' Motorhome

Class A - 35' Motorhome

Class C Motorhome –

Class C 26' Motorhome

Class C 23' Diesel Motorhome

Class C - 23' Motorhome

Class C - 31' Motorhome

Class C - 28' Motorhome

Class C - 26' Motorhome