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MALOUF Double Brushed Microfiber Super Soft Luxury Bed Sheet Set - RV/Short Queen Size

The MALOUF Double Brushed Microfiber Super Soft Luxury Bed Sheet Set is a set of 4 items that include - a 90" x 97" flat sheet, a 60" x 75" fitted sheet and 2 20" x 34" queen pillowcases. Made from brushed microfiber fabric, the material is much softer than other cotton materials. It has a breathable weave that makes it wrinkle free, stain resistant, hypoallergenic and even resilient to dust mites. It features a completely elasticized fitting for the sheet, which provides a secure fit for mattress that have a 6"-18"depth.

Camco 42285 Grease Storage Container Replacement Bag - 5 pack

The Camco 42285 Grease Storage Container Replacement Bag comes as a pack of 5 and can be used with the Camco Grease Storage Container. They feature a foil lining on the inside that lets users store any cooking grease and oils until the bag and full and then they can conveniently throw it out with the trash. It has a capacity of holding liquids up to 200 degrees F and even keeps odors in.

Camco 42805 60" x 78" Handy Mat with Strap

The Camco 42805 60" x 78" Handy Mat with Strap is an easy to carry mat that is perfect for outdoors and RV trips. It comes with built-in handles and convenient pockets, and is made from a durable polypropylene weave that is UV stabilized, weatherproof and resistant against and avoid mold and mildew. It folds out to 60 x 78 inch and is big enough for 4 adults to sit on. It also has a fabric edging to keep the mat fabric reinforced and avoid fraying.

Camco 57203 Pop-A-Toothbrush

The Camco 57203 Pop-A-Toothbrush helps in protecting and storing 2 toothbrushes at a time, and is an easy to install holder that guards them against dust, dirt and germs. It features a cover that opens automatically when the toothbrush is removed and is vented for quicker and easier drying. The holder can also be mounted permanently using its double-sided tape.

Top Power Inverters For Your RV Motorhome

The easiest way to charge any electronics in your RV motorhome when on the road is to use a charger that attaches to the cigarette lighter plug in the RV itself. This is an easy option as opposed to waiting near wall chargers at every stop on the way.

Here’s a list of the top power inverters for your RV motorhome, which are compact, lightweight and can be carried along for any trip! You can charge a variety of devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and keep them powered on for a long as you like.

ENERGIZER Power Inverter – 500 W

The ENERGIZER Power Inverter attaches easily to any vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and provides 500 W continuous power and 1000 W peak power. It has 2 standard North American AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports 2.1A, which are also compatible with tablets and iPads. It operates silently due to the thermal fan fit inside and provides a simple charging solution to all your needs.

BESTEK Power Inverter for Smartphones and Tablets - 200W

The BESTEK Power Inverter for Smartphones and Tablets gives users 200 W of continuous power and 500 W of instantaneous power due to its 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, which are ideal for charging multiple electronic devices at the same time. Its small and compact design is great for travelling and it even has a 2.5-foot cigarette lighter plug that allows its use in the vehicle. It also features a built-in fuse, low battery alarm and shutdown system, overload and short circuit protection, as well as a cooling fan for complete protection.


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