Prepare for your RV Trip

prepare for your rv trip

Plan and Prepare Your RV Trip

Are you interested in taking an RV trip? If you are, you will want to take the time to properly and fully plan for and prepare for your upcoming trip.

As nice as it is to hear that you should properly plan for and prepare for your RV trip, you may be curious as to what the importance of doing so is. After all, you may only be interested in visiting the next town over for a day or two. Even in these types of situations, with short RV trips, it is still important to properly plan and prepare.

One of the many reasons why you are encouraged to properly plan for and prepare for your RV trip, no matter where you are going or for how long, is because of safety. If your motor home breaks down, will you be able to get assistance right away? Those who own their own RVs are encouraged in invest in RV insurance or at least roadside assistance. For those renting RVs, it is important to determine, ahead of time, if roadside assistance is included in rental fees. When traveling, it is always best to prepare for the worst.

Another reason why you should properly plan and prepare for your upcoming RV trip is for your loved ones. When you take the time to do the proper amount of planning and preparation, your loved ones can take comfort in knowing that you are safe and out of harms way. This is ideal if you have children who will be staying behind. In fact, you may want to create a mini itinerary for yourself to leave behind; include what stops you plan to make, when you will check-in, as well as when you will return.

Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should take the time to properly plan for and prepare for your RV trip is so that you can have a good time. If your planning and preparation is rushed, you may find yourself missing important supplies. For example, what would happen when you went to take a shower and realized that you forgot the towels, and so forth? Not only can this result in additional expenses on the road, but it is also a huge inconvenience.

In conjunction with improving your overall satisfaction, proper planning and preparation, for an RV trip, reduces the amount of worry or concern you may have about doing so. For example, by creating a checklist in advance and going through that checklist before your trip, you can make sure that you have "all of your ducks in a row." This is likely to provide you with a sense of comfort and security, which can help improve your chances of having a truly fun and memorable RV trip.

As highlighted above, there are a number of reasons why you should take the time to properly plan and prepare for your RV trip. The good news is that it is relatively easy to properly plan and prepare for an upcoming RV trip. For example, make a checklist of what items you would like to pack, which items you will need to buy, stops you would like to make along the way, and so forth. Traveling by RV can be fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous and frustrating if the proper steps are not first taken.

You may find these comprehensive lists useful:

Bathroom / Bedroom


Alarm clock Clothes hangers Duvet/cover/blanket Electric blanket Electric heater Flashlight Pillows Portable reading light Radio Sheets TV


After shave Brushes/chargers Cleaning towel/rags Comb Contact solutions Cotton swabs Curling iron Deodorant Face cloth Facial tissue Glasses/contacts Hair brush Hair dryer Hand lotion Hand sanitizer Hand soap Makeup kit Nail clipper Prescription medication Q tips Scissors Shaving kit Sunscreen Toothpaste Tweezers Vitamins and supplements

First Aid

Acetaminophen Adhesive bandages Adhesive tape Adrenalin syringe Antacid tablets Antibiotic ointment Antiseptic wipe packets ASA 81 mg Calamine lotion Cold compress CPR breathing valve Diphenhydramine (Gravol) Disinfectant Disposable gloves Dressing pads Eye Wash Hydrocortisone ointment Ibuprofen Imodium Laxative Liniment Mosquito repellent Oral thermometer Red Cross first aid booklet Roller bandages 3" and 4" Scissors Space blanket Sterile gauze pads Tourniquet Triangular bandage Tweezers Vaseline Vick

Shower and Bath

Bar or liquid soap Bath mats Bath/hand/face towels Bath/shower cleaner Conditioner Drying rack Garbage can Shampoo


Brush Chemicals Lid cover Tissue rolls Toilet cleaner


Basket/Bag Clothes line Clothes pins Dryer sheets Hangers Iron/steamer Ironing board Laundry soap Stain remover



Bowls Butter dish Cocktail glasses Coffee mugs/cups Cream and sugar bowl Drinking glasses Large casserole/lid Plates Salad bowl Serving bowls Serving platters Small casserole/lid Wine glasses

Pots and Pans

Cookie sheet Griddle Grilling skillet Loaf pan Mixing bowls Muffin pan Pie pan Pizza pan Pots with lids Quiche/tart pan Skillets Small roast pan Splatter screen


Assorted sharp knives Bottle opener Can opener Cheese grater Corkscrew Forks/knives/spoons Ice cream scoop Ladle Measuring spoons Pasta spoon Pastry brush Pizza cutter Rubber spatula Salad tongs Scissors Spatula Steak knives Tongs Vegetable peeler Whisk Wooden/plastic spoons


Aluminum foil Cocktail napkins Coffee filters Disposal aluminum pans Muffin liners Napkins/tissues Paper bags Paper plates/bowls Paper towels/holder Parchment paper Plastic wrap Trash can bags Ziploc bags


Apron Chip bag clips Colander/Strainer Cookbook/recipes Cutting boards Fruit basket/bowl Funnel Ice bucket Juice jug Lemon juicer Matches/lighter Measuring cups Meat thermometer Oven thermometer Pitchers for water Placemats Plastic storage containers Pot holders Serving tray Spice rack Spoon rest Timer Toothpicks Trash can Trivet


3 prong 15 amp extension cord Bread machine Coffee maker Electric kettle Food processor Foreman grill Rice cooker Slow cooker/crockpot Stove top kettle Tea pot Toaster


Basin Dish cloths/sponges Dish drying rack Dish soap Dish towels Hand sanitizer Hand soap Rubber gloves Scrubber Scrubbing soap Spray cleaner Upholstery/carpet cleaner Window/glass cleaner

Food and Drinks


Beer Cocoa Ground coffee Hot chocolate Instant coffee Juice boxes/bottles Liquor Mixes Powdered drink mixes Soda/sparkling water Tea bags Water bottles Water gallons Wine


Balsamic vinegar Cinnamon and sugar Jam Ketchup Lemon juice Maple syrup Mayonnaise Mustard Peanut butter Relish Salad dressing Salt/pepper Soya sauce Tabasco


Antipasto Candies/chocolate Chocolates Cookies Corn chips Crackers Graham crackers Granola bars Marsh mallows Nuts Popcorn Potato chips Salsa


Baking soda Bread crumbs Brown sugar Caned fish Caned fruit Caned tomatoes Caned vegetables Canned/box soup Cereal Cornstarch Flour Kraft dinner Muffin mix Oatmeal Oats Olive oil Pancake mix Pasta/noodles Pasta sauce Rice/rice mixes Seasoning mixes Sugar Vegetable oil Yeast

Bread Box

Bagels Bread Corn/wheat tortillas English muffins Muffins Pita bread


Butter Cheeses Coffee cream Eggs Fruits Ice Milk Sandwich meats/spreads Vegetables Yogurt

Documents etc.

Address/phone book Books Business cards Camp-ground directory Check book Discount coupons Glue Health insurance papers ID/credit cards Insurance papers Magazines Membership cards Passport Pens, pencils, markers Post cards RV manuals Sanidumps listing/eBook Stamps Stapler/staples Tape Travel Maps/brochures/guides Vehicle registration Warranty documents Writing pad


12V battery charger Blank CD/DVD Cell phone/charger GPS/compass Laptop/charger Portable radio USB memory stick Walkie talkies/batteries/charger Entertainment Board games CDs, DVDs Crosswords Deck of cards Puzzles Video games Hobbies Bikes Camera/batteries/film Field glasses/binoculars Filet knife Fishing licence/rules Fishing rods Fishing tackle box Flashlight Golf clubs Knitting/sewing Net Portable water bottle


5 gallon water jugs Back flush hose Battery lantern BBQ/propane Broom Bungee chords Collapsible shovel Distilled water Fire starter Flares/emergency markers Flash lights/batteries Folding hand cart Folding table and chairs Gas lantern/mantle/propane Hand saw and hatchet Heavy duty extension chord Hydrogen peroxide Hygrometer In-line water filter Insecticide Mosquito coils/holder Picnic basket Portable generator Portable water hose Power chord Pressure regulator Rope Sewer hose kit Small cooler Small ladder Tarp Tool kit Voltmeter Wheel blocks


Adjust mirrors All Keys Check fuel level Check seat belts Clean windshield Close ceiling vents Close cupboards Close curtains Close windows Empty kitchen sink Refrigerator power selected or off Routes/GPS/Maps programmed Satellite TV dish down Secure refrigerator door Secure refrigerator items Slides in Store items securely Trash out Turn water heater/furnace/AC off Turn water pump off TV antenna down


Check all doors Check all fluid levels under hood Check brake safety switch Check for fluid leaks on the ground Check fresh water in tank Check hitch is secure Check lights Check power cable connection Check tire pressure Disconnect sewer, water, power, cable Drain tanks and sewer hookups Hookup trailer / 5th wheel Inspect underside for broken parts Raise front jacks Raise rear jacks Remove wheel blocks Retract the awning and secure Secure kitchen vent flap Secure RV steps Shut off propane Store and lock all exterior hatch doors