Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination due to its amazing architecture, world renowned restaurants, fantastic creations, charismatic people, adventure resorts, and much more. Visiting the many well known establishments that have been made with nothing but luxurious materials and designs is spectacularly breath taking. While a big part of the culture in Dubai lies in living life in the fast lane with the best of cars, cuisine, buildings, brands, and more, there is also a very down to earth aspect to their culture.

The Arabian Desert is a big part of Dubai and also a major attraction that people must experience at least once. With nothing but dunes and sand for as far as the eyes can see, this magnificent desert offers an astounding and alluring way to discover Dubai and what the culture actually means.

This is why no trip to Dubai is complete without a safari in the beautiful dunes. With acres and acres of sand surrounding you, going on a Desert Safari is an exceptional and once in a lifetime kind of experience. Night or day, you can get some of the most spectacular views ever seen and also watch the clear sky with a billion twinkling stars, a sight rarely seen in busy cities. Watch the sun cast its glowing warm shadows over the desert during the day and then watch it set to give way to the moon and glowing stars.

Going on a desert safari in Dubai is best done by booking a company that offers complete services and packages for such a trip. You can pick from morning, evening, and overnight tour packages depending on what you want to experience. Apart from the travel to and from the venue, such a company will also provide additional services during the trip such as Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Tanura Dance, Belly Dancing, Horse Riding, and Sand Boarding to add more thrill and excitement to your trip. These packages also include mouthwatering BBQ meals in veg and non-veg to satiate your palate as well.

Get a fascinating travel experience and enjoy a number of activities by booking a trusted tour operator in Dubai. You can only get the best services if you choose a company that is reputed and known for their offering and services. If you’re in Dubai and are looking for such a tour operator, check out Blue Planet Tourism. They offer the best at the most affordable pricing and flexible packages for you and your family.